100 Word Wisdom; Where Did The Words Go?


Β I like to write, but… sometimes the words just won’t come.

Sometimes I sit up late, because supposedly you wake up after everyone else has gone to bed. Still they won’t come. I get frustrated, angry, disappointed.

I write OK when I’m inspired; when I feel like I have something to give the world using my words.

But what about when I’m not? What about my words giving back something to me? Isn’t writing supposed to help me get through life when life knocks me down?

Where did my words go?

7 thoughts on “100 Word Wisdom; Where Did The Words Go?

  1. Hi there! I can relate with what you wrote on your blog. There are a times that I really write well but most of the time, I don’t know where the words went. With that, I didn’t pursue a career in writing but I’ve decided to start writing a blog so that I can still develop my skills. I hope to read more of your 100 word musings. πŸ™‚

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  2. Hi there πŸ™‚ interesting and oh so true. But at the same time, if it is any encouragement, I’ve really enjoyed reading your last couple word wisdoms! So keep it up!

    For the last couple years I’ve had this weird writer’s block. It was like the words were there in my heart but I could not bring myself to articulate them everytime I tried to write or blog or do really anything with them. But when I finally started writing again, I realized how much more it is about than just little, ol’ me. Words are so powerful. They influence people, nations and the world. You have such a unique opportunity to speak words of wisdom to people you may not have been able to otherwise. It is important to realize how much of a responsibility that is. Sure you may not be the only one with that opportunity, but with whatever words you choose to use, whether “inspired” or not, you can choose to speak life and wisdom into a world that is craving those things. Kinda cool to think about πŸ™‚ and makes even those seemingly less important posts that much more significant. Just some food for thought? Have a beautiful day! And keep on writing. I look forward to reading more!


    1. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my work ThisDarlingAdventure. Words do truly have a magnificent power unlike anything else, and your comment is a great example. lately I have come to realise that although writing with inspiration may create works of higher artistic quality, it doesn’t necessarily create better pieces. I’m hoping to write every day, and having readers like you would be a nice incentive. Hope you have a day you are proud of, and looking forward to reading your new articles too πŸ™‚

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