Photo Challenge: Relax, It’s All Good!

Hi All, 
This is the first time I’m participating in the WP’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

I hope you enjoy my photos, for without an audience, a photo is nothing but a play with lights!

I had cycled 12km on a mostly winding, uphill road and had then trekked the remaining 5km in a few hours to reach the serrated views of Fortaleza canyon in South Brazil. I wondered if the wide-winged vultures circling the expanse of the sky were furtively watching me as I sent my feet dandling over the precipice, wishing for my untimely demise?

I was beat, and I knew it was going to rain soon and the ride back to town would long and hard and wet.But instead of worrying about things I could not control, I too another bite of my peanut butter and Nutella sandwich and the divine taste mixed with the smell of the hot earth in my palate, I sensed my thoughts drifted away with the breeze, leaving me a calm and content man with an ancient valley keeping me company.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Fortaleza canyon, Southern Brazil

Earlier this year, the road had me visiting the silent continent; Antarctica. I wrote about my experience here They are well worth a read.

We spotted these two blobs of charm and beauty during a tour of a few islands near the Antarctic Peninsula. Their world, despite the appearance, can be one of the most challenging environments in the world. Leopard-seals and Orcas (Killer-whales) have a habit of sneaking up on them as they rest on such floating ice-floes. Not to mention the infamously moody and turbulent nature of the Southern Ocean, where they call home.

Still, that morning, as our zodiac coasted gently past their icy throne, they barely noticed us. A silence engulfed the zodiac, and I felt a serene calm, for I knew we were nothing but passing ghosts in their kingdom of white. And I wished their calm never to be broken by the outsiders, as their floe drifted slowly away, disappearing into the mist.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Crab-eater seals, Antarctica

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