100 Word Wisdom; Am I Better Than Everyone?

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Stand tall in front of the mirror every morning; and tell that girl behind the glass “I’m amazing!” I used to tell a friend who occasionally struggled with self-doubt.

“Walk into your interview like you’ve already got the job! And let them know it too.” Was my advice to another one.

I look at people and I think I have done and seen and experienced so much more than the average folk.

And then I worry. What if can’t see the difference between confidence and cockiness anymore?

What if I need some advice myself?

2 thoughts on “100 Word Wisdom; Am I Better Than Everyone?

  1. Thought provoking. Raises a the question: If someone has experienced more, does that make them better?

    Also its okay to give advise to people who ask for it I think. But if someone keeps giving advise when not asked, it may be something to consider if that person is already being too confident with everything they’re saying.


    1. Thanks for dropping by. I used to think so, but I think I may have been wrong. Experience, in my humble opinion, is only one of the many paths leading to true consciousness and knowledge, which can in turn make one a better person.
      Haha, fair enough. Nothing worse than someone giving unnecessary advice!

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