Don’t Ever let It Go

A few months ago, I was nothing but a struggling blogger wandering around South America with a GoPro which played up all the time and a hard-drive which lost a lot of my photos and a small, cheap laptop which as much as it tried to, could never cope with the demands of a life on the road. I’ve never been good with computers, don’t know how to code. All I had going for me was my words and my memories; words which would sometimes desert me and a memory which more often than not lets me down. That was all I had, and of course, like everyone else; a dream.

I wanted everyone to see what I saw, but more than that to feel what I felt; the fear, the nostalgia, the terrifying freedom of an open road and choices only you could make, through my blog. But after over a year of running around the blogosphere like a headless chicken, my only readers were my friends and a few wandering souls who had somehow stumbled upon my site.

I watched, powerless and hopeless, as my words floated aimlessly, like a dead body, on the internet currents, with no land in sight.

A few months ago, motivated by one of the prompts at WordPress’s Blogging University, I set the goal of reaching 100 followers before the end of 2016. By the time the sun was setting on the last day of 2016, I hadn’t even cracked 50. 

But I wasn’t ready to let go. Remember, my words was all that I had. 

And then I published this piece about how I wouldn’t let myself fall off the path this year, and as months rolled by, a miracle happened. Whereas I had attracted 50 odd followers in more than a year of writing, I had cracked 100 just before the end of January. I kept writing, reading others works, and writing more.

And then today, I came home from work and I had 240 followers! Now that may not seem like a lot to you, but to have so many people share my moments with me, to have more than a 100 people actually see through the words in one of my stories and be taken on a journey of their own imagination, well that just made me want to dance!

And I did.

There is no real lesson to this piece. I suppose it does serve a purpose though; I hope it will be a reminder to me, to you reader, to us all, to just keep doing what we believe in, to never let it go, until eventually one day, it makes us all dance!

29 thoughts on “Don’t Ever let It Go

  1. Blogging sure is a mission… to share what we like best in a way that attracts other people to feel they relate with us. It’s fun and another kind of adventure than the ones we live on the roads to tell.
    Enjoy it all! It’s great reading you!

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  2. I’ve been blogging for years and only recently hit 100 followers – I’ve never heard of the blogging University!

    I think a lot of “failure” in blogging comes from trying to chase after a niche or imitating others, when sometimes you just need to be totally true to yourself. Your post on motivation reads that way. I think I needed to be reminded of that.

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