Photo Challenge; Stop, The Road Is Never-ending!

Hey/Hola/Halo, and thanks for joining the search for elsewhere.

Whether it’s your first time dropping by my crib or you are a regular around here, I want you to know that I’m incredibly grateful to have your company. 

I hope you enjoy my photos, for without an audience, a photo is nothing but a play with lights!

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It was the first time I had taken to the road solo. I was traversing through an ancient land, amidst a sea of thatched-roofed huts, straw hats and rice-paddies. I rented a scooter and sped through the empty, pot-holed roads of Laos. I was consumed by the unseen forces of freedom, the wind liberating my body and mind alike, pushing me to go further, to see more.

Today, I read one of my journal entries from back then. “But as I shoot through the landscape, the local must look at me like a ghost appearing and passing through their lives almost simultaneously. I wonder if any one of them remembers me like I want to remember them?
And as I look for the perfect shot, I wonder if I have taken enough time to truly appreciate what lays before me? I know that back home, I’ll weave stories about the grandeur of the places, but did I ever stop to see that grandeur when I had the chance?

I can’t honestly say that I did. But when I look at this photo, it comforts me to know that I did, occasionally, stop on the road taken to see where I had come from, and where I was. To see the road, for what it really was; a succession of moments and places, woven together in a never-ending story.

Thanks for your Visit.

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