Photo Challenge; Finding Security Floating On Phobia

O’Hoyy You! Welcome o’ welcome my new friend!

Hook yourself up with a cup of coffee, have a wander around thy blog an’ I can assure you you’ll find something interesting somewhere around here.

But before all of that, heck out my submission to another of WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenges; this time around with the theme security.

I hope you enjoy my photos, for without an audience, a photo is nothing but a play with lights!

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How I ended up as a tour guide in Panama is a story in itself, one for another time (so don’t forget to click on that little subscribe button an’ that way you’ll magically be notified when that story is published!) but what I loved the most about my time there were the times when I hopped on a kayak and paddled far out into the maze of waterways and creeks, my only audience the towering Red Indian, Cuipo and Panama trees.

I can’t swim. I suffer from Bathophobia, or a fear of deep water.

And yet, I was driven to head out into the deep water and forest on my own. Don’t get me wrong; I was keenly aware of the risk I was taking every single time I headed out. But somehow, in that state of pure vulnerability, alone with my primal fears, I found a peculiar sense of security. A sense of security which, I suspect, stemmed from the knowledge that I wasn’t going to let me fears stop me living my life…

13 thoughts on “Photo Challenge; Finding Security Floating On Phobia

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by and the wonderful words friend! Its not always easy but I do wish we all could find the courage to just ‘stub it out’ and face our fears, every day! I read a quote the other days which said; “do something that scares you everyday, and you won’t have to be scared ever again.” I try to live by that as much as I can. Enjoy your weekend too! x Nav

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      1. Speaking of crocs, I actually had to grab one right out of the water during one of our river cruises in Panama. It’s quite fascinating how your body goes into auto-pilot and does it without thinking/hesitation and only after you’ve done it do you stop and think what the F did I just do!

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  1. I don’t have fear of deep waters, nor did I know the scientific name for it, but I can say that I love the feeling of being out on the ocean, so very very vulnerable and small while you’re just in a sea of moving elephants. It’s such an amazing feeling!

    This is such a beautiful photo by the way! Love, Grace //

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    1. Hi Grace, thanks a world for stoping by and sharing your thoughts!
      Indeed! I too find oceans, in spite of my fear, irresistibly beautiful and overwhelmingly enigmatic. But also kind of terrifying! Haha

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  2. I wouldn’t say I have a fear of deep water, but not knowing what is under me kind of gets to me! But seeing views with water in them and being surrounded by open waters brings me back to life. Their is something about it. I forget about all the little things and just try and take on life. Great blog!

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