Photo Challenge; The Transient Tree

“The beauty of this day doesn’t depend on its lasting forever.”
Marty Rubin

Welcome to my little world of wandering words and fleeting moments caught in an instant of light exposure. Hope you like what you find, and even if you don’t, I’m still grateful for being given the chance to share my thoughts with you. Alas, here is another contribution to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge, this time with the theme transient.

I hope you enjoy my photos, for without an audience, a photo is nothing but a play with lights!

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Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

We stood there for a while, awe-struck by her wild shape and rebellious soul.
“I kind of want to be like her,” I said. “Look at all those trees behind her; the conformists. They have their 9-5 jobs and steady lifestyles and might actually be happy. But her, she didn’t want any of that…”
“No, she didn’t,” Said my friend. “She kind of just wanted to do her own thing. Grow in whichever direction she wished, dance with the wind whenever she wanted.”
“I kind of really want to be like her,” I said wistfully again. 
“Me too.”
And just then, in a transient moment of beauty, the sun appeared through her branches, as if there to grant us our wishes.



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