Photo Challenge; Windows Of Reality

How do you welcome someone who has just stumbled upon your images and thoughts? I sometimes don’t know how to say Hi online. It’s much easier in real life; people expect you to say it. But out here, it’s different.

I’m not sure what drew you to my blog, or how long you’ll decide to stay, but whatever it is, I hope my little world of wandering words and shots of fleeting moments.
Alas, here is another contribution of mine to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge, this time with the theme windows.

I hope you enjoy my photos, for without an audience, a photo is nothing but a play with lights!

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I stayed in a mansion in Panama City.
Well, it wasn’t exactly a mansion per se; but rather an old, grand building which must have been a mansion at some bygone epoch and had now been converted to one of the most popular hostel in all of the country.

The hostel was located in the Casco Viejo area (or the Old City), and one needed not to look any further than out the main windows of the lounge area to be reminded of what the reality of life was like only a few steps away from our relative comfort, in a mansion that wasn’t quite a mansion.

For more stories about my visit to Panama, click here.


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