Sydney & A Palm Tree


It’s a new kind of hello; one used to greet one and all in South Africa, which is where I currently am.
If you have already read my The Fear Series
 (a series discussing the challenges, obstacles, and dramas of chasing a bigger-than-life dream), you know that I recently flew to South Africa.
As I type, the early afternoon breeze is rolling off the brown-green hills, and a distant bird is chirping ceaselessly in the distance.
But this post is not about Africa; not yet.

That, will come soon enough.

But for now, here is my contribution to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme scale.

I believe one of the markers of a good photographer is the skill to how to make a fascinating subject of something ordinary.

In this shot, taking on an afternoon stroll with my girlfriend along the Sydney waterfront, I was looking for a new angle through which I could shot the bridge. But then, I saw this grand palm tree and I knew perhaps I had been looking at the wrong subject after all. 

What do you think?

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