Photo Challenge; Searching For Growth

How do you welcome someone who has just stumbled upon your blog?
I’m sometimes not quite sure how to say hi online? It’s much easier in real life; people almost expect you to say it. But here goes nothing:


If you are a regular on my site, then you must have noticed that I have been a little distant lately. Not that I haven’t been putting my new Olympus camera to good use. I have been quite active on my Insta account

And I have been writing as much as I can. Which hasn’t been all that easy, as Africa is perhaps the most challenging of all places to travel in. Of course, I have been writing as much as I can. You can find them all right here‘.

And as I have chased a vague childhood dream – of living in Africa – I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions. As I have watched my plans fall into pieces, I have realised that although dreams may not always come true, true growth is still possible so long as one can – and is willing to – change their perspective.

May we all look at 2018 with new eyes.



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