My Lens / South Africa – Hluhluwe iMfolozi

My dearest bloggers/friends!Β 

Make yourself a coffee, find a comfy place on a sofa and indulge yourself with thisΒ photostory of Africa.

All prints are going to be for sale!Β Please contact me via Email if you are interested in any of the images.

Much love.


Nav Sam

My lens Hluhluwe iMfolozi Male Impala
Male impala. His distinctive triple-shade body colour is believed to help him blend into his surroundings
My lens Hluhluwe iMfolozi Wild Dogs
The African wild dog; the most efficient large predator in Africa
My lens Hluhluwe iMfolozi Giraffe and Ox-pecker
The small bird (ox-pecker) not only helps rid the giraffes of skin parasites but can also provide an early warning system
My lens Hluhluwe iMfolozi Giraffes 2
Their height and keen eyesight makes giraffes formidable predator-detectors
My lens Hluhluwe iMfolozi Male wild dog
Wild dogs can gather a large amount of information about the landscape via their sense of smell
My lens Hluhluwe iMfolozi Warthog
The white hairs on this juvenile warthog’s face are believed to resemble tusks, deterring potential predators
My lens Hluhluwe iMfolozi Giraffes
Two female giraffes. Females can be distinguished from males by their smaller, puffier horns
The aptly-named Chinese Lantern flowers


My lens Hluhluwe iMfolozi
Sunset at Hluhluwe iMfolozi Park

18 thoughts on “My Lens / South Africa – Hluhluwe iMfolozi

  1. Wow those shots were breath taking, looked at them several times very beautiful. Gives me inspiration as well as I’m considering doing a course in photography/ videography as I believed it will help with my vlog and blog channel. Presently I use my phone to record and take pictures, could you recommend a good camera that I can use for both. Also don’t be shy please check out my page and follow so we can remain connected.


    1. Thanks for your awesome input Lily! I’ll take a look at your blog. But meanwhile, I would recommend shooting with Olympus OMD em10. I have got Mark ii of this model and I’m quite happy with its performance wen it comes to photography. I’m not much into filming, but I hear it’s pretty decent in that department too πŸ™‚


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