Africa Through My Lens (Malawi)

The author (aka me) on the way to Cape Maclear, Malawi

Cape Maclear, Malawi; a thin finger of land creeping into the blue body of Lake Malawi. 
It’s stunning, postcard perfect, even unreal at first glance.
The lake is impossibly big, and blue, and calm. There is a strip of off-white sand, just wide enough to bask in and take in the green glory of uninhabited islands across the water.



Long days of sun and sand. Children flying like little sparrows, all long, 
lithe limbs, and big, fuzzy-haired-heads, splashing in the grey-blue water. 

And occasionally laying on the hot sand dreaming of sleep.


Children of the lake


The fishermen pushing their smooth, weather-tested dug-out canoes with long, deliberates strokes of their arms.
The sunsets made even more perfect with a glass of Malawian gin.




Red sunsets at Lake Malawi


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