Photo Challenge; Ancient Story of Existence

Dearest friends,
It’s cold and cloudy where I am right now (Berlin). But I’m happy because I finally have fast Wi-Fi, which is, believe it or not, a delicious treat after months of enforced hibernation in the internet-less wilds of Africa.

So please bear with me as I warm up to the demands of a blogger’s life again and take you with me to some of the marvelous corners of Africa. But before I get too excited, how about a cheeky contribution to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge with the theme Story.

I hope you enjoy my work because, without an audience, a photo is little than a play with light.

Ancient man portrait in Malawi

A long, balmy afrternoon in Cape Maclear, Malawi, the warm heart of Africa. And it is warm, literally. The sun not so much shines as pours down on the naked sandy land, burying everything under a breathless, stagnant heat.

My girlfriend and I are walking, slowly, and whinging, quietly, going nowhere in particular, when we bend a corner and we see this man, just sitting there, the story of countless generations, and countless balmy afternoons etched onto his skin.

But we don’t hear any of it. The moment we approach him, some children appear out of the dust with outstreched hands and we know what it means, so we take another look at the man, who stares into and past my lens, as still as the furtive image I’ve managed to take of him, and we turn and walk off into the rest of our afternoon.

For more amazing images of Malawi, here.


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