#ForgetFacebook Is The New #DeleteFacebook (3 mins read)

Facebook. We all lived in a comfortable lie. If you don’t pay for a service, you are the goods being sold. It makes sense now.

I was mad. Furious. So when #DeleteFacebook arrived, I wanted oh-so-badly to grab the chance to show my rage. To be counted. To be a drop of water, carrying the weight of a movement on my shoulders.

But I didn’t. Why? Because I’m a traveller. Because as much as I hate to admit it, Facebook not only is a treasure-trove of years worth of memorable photos for me, but more importantly, a blue bridge connecting me to the dozens of people I have met around the globe over the years.
True, I may not talk to all of them, but I still don’t wish to let go of the German dude I went to Antarctica for or the tribe of mad souls I spent two mad months with on an island.

So what now?

Facebook earns most of its revenue through advertisement. So I figured why not kick them where it hurt the most? I would just forget about Facebook. I downloaded an app (AppDetox in my case. But there are other apps that do the job just as well), and set myself a daily usage limit of 5 minutes for Facebook. 5 minutes. No more. No BS excuses.

Of course, I plan to occasionally still use some services of their which I find particularly useful. Like looking up an old mate in Canada (which we are moving to next month. Speaking of which, I’m going to start a new vlog about this new adventure; moving to a new country, soon. So you subscribe to my site here or instagram and see what moving continents is really like)
But with this strict limit set, I can rein in my Facebook addiction, and minimize my chances of falling for one of their ads, effectively limiting their influential prowess.

So no more strolling through my feed in the bathroom. No more being a used and abused zombie. More rage about what’s wrong with our world, less finding comfort in the pointless virtual reality of Facebook. More #ForgetFacebook.


Keen to join this new movement? Then share, like, or give me your insight.

14 thoughts on “#ForgetFacebook Is The New #DeleteFacebook (3 mins read)

  1. As much as I’d like to join the deletefacebook movement, I won’t either. FB will survive no matter what – it was really the first successful social media and is probably by far the largest. I, like you, have drastically cut my use of it. Though it is a very important media for us Bloggers to share our content. FB will likely see some changes in the next year or so, but I believe it’s here to stay.


    1. Indeed. It’s unfortunately too big a deal to just disappear overnight. But the trick is to use FB as a simple tool for our needs rather than allow it to become part of our daily routines. Thanks for stopping by!

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  2. I see so many people now referencing their Instagram account. At first I thought that was an antidote to FB but then realized Instagram is OWNED by FB. I’m not deleting FB but I have changed settings pertaining to privacy and advertising.

    I tend to think FB will be around “forever” but then read stories that the young kids don’t like FB and are going elsewhere. It’s generally assumed that all businesses have lifespans. Maybe technology-company lifespans won’t turn out to be as long as the Industrial Revolution companies!

    Thanks for mentioning the AppDetox app you downloaded. I may be checking that out!


  3. It’s a catch 22 really. I think in this day in age most people are on FB and it is a great way to connect with family & friends all over the world but it does suck the life out on you some times. I don’t be deleting FB but I like the idea of the detox


  4. I too thought about deleting my Facebook profile… Like you, I just can’t; you’ve said it well, too many good memories and people around the globe I can connect with easily through the social media…
    I have found more meaningful exchanges and discussions on Instagram (exchanging one addiction for another, I guess), and have naturally cut down on my connecting/wasteful time spent on FB.

    I ever used their adds anyway…

    Stay connected through moments.
    Congratulations on your moving to Canada! Wishing you a great adventure over there!


  5. I’ve just started deleting the “on this day” posts that don’t have any significance and some links that are now past their prime. I’ve left the pictures, spend less time, don’t use the main app and have messenger very limited on permissions. I doubt I’ll delete it, won’t be going elsewhere again, but I don’t have to give it everything about me either.


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