I’m In Berlin. But Where Is Berlin?

It was my fault.
It had been there all along, but I wasn’t really looking.


Insta B&W Berlin Street 5

St Oberholz.
The ultimate digital nomad’s hive in Berlin. Outside, the snow that fell last night is melting into a reflective sheen of silver and there is a myriad of lights and shadows dancing on every surface as life speed past the windows.

These are photographs, every one of them, waiting to be taken.

The only thing is, I don’t have my camera.


Insta B&W Berlin Kreuzberg

So here I am, moping.
And feeling miserable because I can’t help but compare this gray Berlin to the Berlin I experienced not long ago.


Insta Berlin Sunset

That Berlin was of golden summer tinge and long, balmy afternoons, of happy bicycles and spicy döner kebabs.

And then one day, after days of not enjoying Berlin, I wake up…
And nothing happens.

Except that I stop moping. I have breakfast, grab my Olympus EM-10 camera and head out into Berlin.

And just like that, I find Berlin.




Insta B&W Berlin Street 8

Insta B&W Berlin Street 7

Insta B&W Berlin Kreuzberg 3

Insta B&W Berlin Street 6


That was my story behind these images.
But I still wonder, how do other photographers, how do you motivate yourself to go out and take photos?

6 thoughts on “I’m In Berlin. But Where Is Berlin?

  1. It seems you have gone thru real bad dreams when hunting these pictures and angels of viewing a town not being recognizable at all anymore. Just follow the voice oft your heart for other kinds of shootings. Listen and here it is!

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  2. Just discovered your blog. I think it’s spectaculer – can’t wait to make more time during the upcoming weekend to read more of your fascinating insights. I’ve been to Germany recently – not in Berlin, but Hamburg – and have noticed similar kind of beauty. Great shoots, by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

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