Go Now. Go Before It’s Gone.


Go now! Go before it’s gone… Writes David McNamara in his lucid book of travel and dreaming, Loves, Kerbsides and Goodbyes. “And we did go. And it is gone.” He rues.

Because it will be. All of it, or most at least.
Peeking peaks of Patagonia, grasses of the meadows and hills of Africa, the wild cacophony of the rainforests, all be gone; their ancient calls and whisper put to bed. Silenced.
The end of our time amongst the world’s wonders and beauty. And we will shed tears. We will miss what we once had. What we once had the chance to experience and perhaps protect.


So then, go now! Before it’s gone!
Life is truly meant to be lived on the go. And it must be lived. Regardless of the pain and the trickery of the road.
Let it rain! Mind it not!

Let it rain and let the water streak down your back and wash away the grime of routine and security. Let the road take you. Close your eyes. Open your ears. And hear what must be heard and feel what is truly worth feeling.


And that feeling. That feeling can only be found on the go.

6 thoughts on “Go Now. Go Before It’s Gone.

    1. Thank you. Although after reading an amazing response to my post here “https://thesnowmeltssomewhere.wordpress.com/2018/09/01/who-will-see-the-last-clear-waters/” I’m wondering if we ALL should go after all? Thanks for stopping by!

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