What The Hell Made Me Part Ways With 100-odd Dollars To Create This Blog?


It’s said that the world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page. But what on earth does a book have in common in the world? And what the hell does it all have to do with me and my blog?

Not much, to be honest. I just like quotes.

I’m Nav. I started reading when I was four. Although Nav is sort of a weird name, it hasn’t really got anything to do with why I started reading so early either. I was born a weird little kid even before I was given a name and I have only got weirder since.

So I grew up a bookworm and although the older I became, the more adept I became at hiding it, I never ended a fortnight without a new book.

And then one day, when I was older, I started travelling. 

I loved it, but for a long time I didn’t quite know why I traveled and so if you were to ask me why I did it I’d turn around and feed you the same cliche BS everyone else says; that I traveled because I wanted to see new places, experience new things, understand other cultures etc.

And yeah that was all a part of it, but none of that was the main reason why I travelled…
It took me a while, but I eventually realised that what I was searching for weren’t the places or even the people. It was how the places and the people made me feel!

And that’s what draws me to books and travelling; they both make me feel alive!

And so now I travel and I write about my travels and I read about other people’s travels and its all makes me feel pretty darn wonderful.

So please stick around. Maybe with a bit of luck, this blog can make you feel wonderful too! 



29 thoughts on “What The Hell Made Me Part Ways With 100-odd Dollars To Create This Blog?

  1. Almost daily I’m tempted by the idea of ditching normal life for the road. I’d love to know what would happen if I tried going from place to place, doing different stuff to earn the money needed to keep on. But the other demon on my shoulder tells me, “Naw, make a career happen and you’ll be able to afford to visit anyplace you want.” I’d love to hear how you did it, and how you like it.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by friend! I admit it’s a hard choice to make and I’ve met many a travellers who go through periods of doubt on the road where they feel like they’ve fallen behind in life compared to those who stayed back in the safety of home and chased a career etc. But it’s a choice few of us regret. Volunteering and doing odd jobs on the road does help you travel and see more!


    1. Thanks so much for visiting Vandy. Wouldn’t that be just amazing? a book and a backpack can make one truly happy. I’ve been to every continent, mainly to places others would not consider like Madagascar or Iceland. How about yourself?


      1. Not yet. I was close to visiting it a few years back but due to some cosmic intervention I ended up doing a road trip in Europe instead. But that’s another story for later.. 😀


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